Expectation more than Customer Satisfaction

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Cheong Poong Special M/C Co., Ltd.
-The company has aimed at production automation facility business and
has focused its endeavors in the R&D for the development of automation industry,
since its establishment in 1993.


We have the pride that we remained small but clear traces in the automation facility
business based on the self-developed technology and knowledge.

We have a good understanding of the new 21st Century that survival will be
impossible without leading the speed and change and the righteous way.
Like the Marathon requiring continuous efforts for complete running of 42.195km,

we will do our best for customers with continuous researches and investment for
technology with possession of the large self-respect and responsibility to grow up to be
a core equipment company in the automation industry, through the attitude to continue
the studies on the advanced technologies.


We will try to provide systematic A/S systems and supply the products that meet the world
quality standards, will try to meet the customers’ new requirements, and thank customers
for their rich love and encouragement until now which has been the foundation of the
development of the company.


We intend to make a company that makes every endeavor to grow up to be the best
equipment company with the philosophy,
“Expectation more than Customer Satisfaction.”